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Ingredients for the Pasta:300 g of extra-fine flour (Italian 00)3 eggs Ingredients for the Filling:500 g of cleaned and peeled squash50 g of amaretti biscuits100 g of grated Parmigiano Reggianosalt and peppernutmeg Sauce:buttersageParmigiano Reggiano   To make the pasta: beat the eggs and mix

250 g of extra-fine flour (Italian 00)150 g of IL BURRO NOBILE cut into pieces and at room temperature
100 g of icing sugar
2 egg yolks
grated unprocessed lemon peel For the filling:
 250 g of plum jam
Icing sugar for dusting Beat the butter and

Ingredients for 32 croissants:For the pre-dough150 g of Manitoba flour90 ml of water15 g of fresh brewer’s yeast For the dough:250 g of extra-fine flour (Italian 00)100 g of Manitoba flour100 g of IL BURRO NOBILE at room temperature50 ml of water30

Ingredients:75 g of IL BURRO NOBILE at room temperature100 g of extra-fine flour (Italian 00)60 g of caster sugar2 eggs50 g of mixed dried fruit (dates, apricots, cranberries)25 g of candied fruit25 g of sultanas8 g of baking powder (half